Movie Number Three

So many couples wish that they will spend theirs last moments together in theirs arms. Many people who have watched that movie say Benjamin was very sad person because his time is going backward different from the norms. But I think that was a good thing that he spent his last time in her arms as a baby. I know that he had a hard time to had watched to his good friends when they died.

It was my first time to search information about this film and how to enhance the film effects and techniques after watching this movie. So it gave another pleasure to watch how to make the film. Frankly speaking, nowadays American blockbusters were made  by high technical skill with big money but it didn’t give any touch. However this film was quite different from others. Running time was so long though I couldn’t feel any bored.

Every time we can’t realize how important is our family or friends because that is so ordinary  like a breath. In Benjamin’s case, he felt thankful to spend the present when he shared his life with lovers. I’m sure it was so unfortunate that someone can not spend the rest of his life with a partner even the one that was not on his list. That was the big reason why Benjamin worried that he wouldn’t be able to share with her for the rest of his life so he left his wife and the baby. That is also the other way of showing his love and considering as possible as he could. It made me feel so sad.

It gave me another happiness to watch Brad Pitt who are really an awesome guy, I think.^^ After A River Runs Through It, the curious case of Benjamin Button was for quite a while to me. As film runs by, we feel so happy to watch his face that is getting younger .

Many critics noted  the resemblance between the screenplay for the film and Forrest gump.

  • The story starting with the word “My name is…”
  • He was born in south without father and had difficulty walking
  • He was born on important day in American history
  • Worked for a long time in a boat
  • Earned lots of money easily
  • A mother tried him take care and helped him walk
  • Met the love of his life as a child and then they met sometimes occasionally – they spent theirs good period and being together but were not make relationship rest of theirs life.

In spite of these result, I love this movie. Can you imagine your present life without family? Please watch this movie, think one more time how much important it is.”The curious case of Benjamin Button” is enough to give you a chance to think and do love your partner that is only one person whom you can keep watch until the end of time. Here are many good lines that is a bonus to us.

  • First is “For what it’s worth, it’s never too late or, in my case, too early…
  • To be whoever you want to be.. there’s no time limit, to start whatever you want;which struck me the most.
  • You can charge stay the same. There are no rules to this thing.
  • There are no rules to this thing.”
  • “Everybody feels different about themselves one way or another.
  • We all goin’ the same way, just taking different roads to get there, that’s all..
  • You’re on your own road, Benjamin.”
  • “You are as ugly as an old pot, but you still a child of God”
  • “If you find that you’re not, I hope you  have the strength to start all over again.”
  • “I hope you feel things but you never felt before”

All of this lines help me think about life and its lesson. I also hope that these could touch your heart and share with many people.

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Movie Number Two

Do you like  reversal movie? I love those kinds of movies.
Today I recommend the movie – “The Usual Suspects”

Until now, so many people when they talk about ‘ a twist in a movie’, they’ll say that it is the best in that genre. We cannot imagine who is the criminal in that movie until the last scene. We have to follow a Verbal’s statement and camera angle. At last we were shocked when we watched the last Verbal’s  behavior after he went out the police station.So many people said, that was a starting point of the reversal movies.

That movie was made on 1995. Nowadays many movies are made spectacular films with lots of money. But on this year, nobody expect that kinds of story, skills and camera effect. Furthermore, the interest thing is there is no main actors who acted as the main cast in another movie before that. What is more amazing about the movie is, it was taken only for 35 days. Can you believe it?

I think it was also another surprising thing in that that give me the biggest reason why I watched it. I wondered what & how the director made the movie with that actors.

Through this movie, I knew “Kevin Spacy”- he is great actor no matter what they say. After this one, I always watched movies which he worked – Seven,The negotiator, American Beauty, L.A confidential and Superman Returns. After he finished this film, he received the Academy Award for Best Actor.

If you haven’t watch it yet, please watch this movie and his playing.
Now, I am awaiting his next film and expecting another good movies all these times.

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Movie Number One

Today I want to talk about a movie which really impressed me. It’s “Muriel’s Wedding”
When I was a university student, I watched free movie in small theater which was around in my place every Friday. The theater showed only noncommercial movie so I could watch many good ones.

In my case, I don’t like to go to the movie theater with friends or someone and eat something because I can’t concentrate on watching. I’d like to watch and feel it as much as I can.

“Muriel’s Wedding” is a story about one woman who is little chubby and ugly so she doesn’t have confidence all the time. She was being rejected by her friends even in her friend’s wedding. She thought the only way to solve her problem is wedding therefore she had it with unknown man who needed citizenship through the wedding. As time goes by, she realizes that she was wrong  and tried to change.

I think, that movie want to show women who don’t have good appearance themselves. After I watched that movie, it gave me lots of thinking and questions. I think that almost all women think and concern about appearance.
Another important thing in that movie is the OST – it is based on ABBA’s music.
I also discover  ABBA’s music through this movie. When I heard that music, I fell in love with it. Among the scenes, Muriel followed ABBA’s Dancing Queen with dancing in her room.
I think that was a very normal situation for teenagers but when I watched that scene, I really cried because I realized that her room was only a small world for her. In that place, she can do everything quite different from her outside world.

“Dancing Queen” is used two times but they were played differently with each other. One of it showed a sad feeling in spite of Muriel singing the song with joy .I think ,at that time, it tried to tell about how sad her feeling beyond the song and the other one showed her real emotion.

At last she realized what is important in her life and tried to look for it with her good friend.
The last scene was little normal but it was enough to think and ask “ What’s the most important in life?” and “How do I live now?”. Finally, we’ll take a chance to listen great ABBA’s music after watching it.

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Book Number One

Today I want to tell something about the book that I read nowadays.

The title is “Land”, written by Park Kyung-ni who is famous novelist in Korea but she died on 5th , May , 2008- at the age of  82 years old.  After that, many Korean broadcasting made documentary about her life and novel. I also watched that and I realized that I hadn’t read them before.

In my case, I want to read something at a time because I don’t want to cut the story again and again. So that is the reason why I didn’t read it because they are made up of 20 books- they are quite long series. She wrote that novel for 25 years. Can you believe it? How can a person keep writing something for long time?

“Land” was taken from the period of the Japanese colonial rule until we get liberated. Therefore we can know many Korean culture in the past through this book. She tried to describe many characters who are in adversity had theirs hard life and how to overcome them. According to literary critic, she want to tell how important “Life and destiny” but only human can desire and destroy their destiny.

“Land” was translated in English already but it’s not all of it. It was also made into drama twice. During she wrote it, many people built a village and Toji center like in the novel “Land”. So nowadays many tourist visit there and they can look around. Until now the center hold writing contest and support many artist who want to be Park.

She is indeed a great leader of Korean literature. I’m really lucky that I can read her novel.

Here is the main character’s – Seo hi – house.

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Music Number One

How should I start my journal? I have big fear about writing in English because I don’t have any skills to do it even in Korean. But  this time, I’ll try.
Now I want to introduce or share my favorite music.

Especially in my case, when I am in a hard time or want to feel and think something I would like to listen to my favorite music.

Every time the music changed, my feeling and the weather followed.

First, Lifehouse.
Their music is very special to me because I could spend  lots of time when I had really hard time. I took my influence in music from my younger brother who had his band and played guitar since he was a high school student so he tried to listen to rock music all the time.

Lifehouse is one of them which my brother recommended.(Sometimes in the past,I really wanted to listen to new music, at that time my brother recommended some music to me.)

I knew that they are from California, so I thought their music is so dry and attractive like a desert. The vocalist voice is also very charming, I love his voice and every time he touch my heart. Anyway when I had hard times right after my mother died, I met this band and always listen to their music- Hanging by moment, Sick cycle Carousel and Breathing – they are a little heavy.

You can find them only in their debut album “No Name Face”.

So until now, when I listen to this music I could imagine the feelings and the moments.
I think, music is possible to remind something even the smells.

The important thing is to collect the album. I don’t like to download the music because many people treat the music like a disposable product. They don’t care the singer’s genre but I think that is also very important things because it also influence their music and we could know what they want to say through their songs. So when I discover great music, I try to know the singer’s own history, where they live now and so on. It make me understand their song very well.

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